Super Gloss Synthetic Enamel


Super gloss synthetic enamel is produced by a advance formulated long oil alkyd resin which is excellent in of all criteria, drying, gloss and gloss retention, color & color retention and durability. Its excellent weather ability makes it ideal for both external and internal industrial use.


Mild steel, galvanized steel, aluminum structure, bamboo, wood, hardboard, soft board, cement plaster etc.

Product Specification:

Drying Time: 2-3 hour (At 30◦)
Coverage: (400-450)sft/Gln
Gloss: Like mirror
Thinning: Moon Star G.P thinner.
Finish: Smooth & Glossy.
Shade/Color: As per Moon Star shade card.

Surface preparation:

All surfaces must be have scrapping so that they will be free from dirt, grease, wax, and all other contaminants with emery paper. Make sure of dryness of the surface. For steel structure apply one coat anti-corrosive red oxide primer. Make sure of the dryness of the surface at least 8 hours.

Application Method:

Stir well before use. If necessary thin up to 5-10% by volume can mix Moon Star thinner. It can apply by brush, roller and spray. Recoat after 24 hours.

Packing size:

2-oz, 4-oz, ½ pint (200ml), 1pint (455ml), 2(pint)0.91ltr, 1gln(3.64 ltr), 5 gln(18.2 ltr).


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